Night light galaxy star projector

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Galaxy Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation - 4 LED Bulbs 9 Light Color Changing with USB Cable, Unique for Men Women Kids Best Baby | Multicolour

  • Star and Moon Night Light: If your kid is afraid of dark, this star and moon projection lamp will be a perfect addition to a child's bedroom. It has a soft light so that you can sleep with it on and it won't bother you
  • 3 Romantic Light Modes: The A button turns on and off the main white light. The B button turns on additional 3 colored lights blue, green, red. It will create 9 color combinations.The C button turns the lights in a circle all around the room.
  • 9 Dream Color Combinations: You can teach your kid the colors. Each time you hit the B button, the light can rotate between green, blue, and red alone, then it goes to blue and red, blue and green, green and red, and then all three colors at once.
  • Create a fantastic and romantic mood: There is a translucent (looks like fogged glass) cover that you have the option to take off. When you take it off, it turns this into projector mode that will project the moon and the stars onto the walls and ceiling.
  • Handy power supply: The ability to use 4 AAA batteries with these or or to use the included USB cord makes the night light so handy! You can take it everywhere you go.